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The reason why we wanted to find out if adding Sugar, Salt and Detergent would affect the growth of plants is because in poorer countries, farmers who are not able to afford fertilizers are having a lesser harvest and thus lesser money to support their families. This eventually leads to starvation and they might eventually die. Thus, thus by finding out if everyday uses such as Sugar, Salt and Detergent were good fertilizers for plants then through our research we would be able to find out which is the best of them all. However, our research had shown that using Sugar, Salt or Detergent does not help the growth of plants and infact instead kills the plants. We had to do some additional research to find out which type of plants grow fast. This is due to the fact that the duration of our project is rather less. So we need to find out if there were any plants which we could grow and be able to come up with a reliable result.

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